Form is Everything

Form is everything.  Proper form ensures that the right muscles are being worked and that your efforts are making a difference. It also reduces the possibility of injury which is important at any age but especially so at 40+ because as we age our bodies don’t bounce back as easily as they once did.

When performing exercises be sure that your neck, back, hips, knees and ankles are all in alignment.  Think about this alignment during each exericse.  Pay particular attention to your neck because if it is out of alignment it can cause serious pain.

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For example, when performing an exercise like a bicep curl make sure everything is in alignment.  Keep your upper arm still and think of your elbow acting like a hinge – this is proper form.  If you move your upper arm during a bicep curl it doesn’t work any muscle and your time and efforts are wasted not to mention the risk of possible injury to your shoulder.  When performing a plank your entire body from head to toe must be in alignment which means no butts in the air!

Form is everything.  Remember this before every workout and you are good to go!

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