Kick Overindulgence During the Holidays to the Curb!

Tis the Season…for excuses. Don’t let this Holiday season send you into a downward spiral of bad choices. Indulging is okay, it is the Holidays after all. Along with the Holidays comes wonderful, yummy treats you won’t see any other time of year. By all means, enjoy! The point is that you don’t OVER-indulge. Here are 6 tips to overcome the temptation to overindulge at your next Christmas party, brought to you by: FlashyFit.

  1. Drink Water – You probably hear this often. Drinking water is some fitness experts’ number one tip. Mostly because it works! If you drink a large glass of water BEFORE you indulge in rich foods this season, you will eat a lot less. You’ve taken up space in your stomach with water, which is very good for you, and now you have less room for, maybe, not-so-healthy choices. So go ahead, eat a peanut butter blossom or two after you drink a glass of water. Read about all the scientific reasons we drink water:Sportliche Seniorin mit Wasserflasche und Kopfhörer

  2. Keep January in Mind – Oftentimes we intentionally narrow our view so that we can overindulge when we want to. If you instead keep January in mind, you can make better choices in December. Think about how much easier it is to not eat too much when too much isn’t available. You can easily overcome temptation to eat more if you remember that the food is temporary but the result of your choice lasts much longer.
  3. Don’t Skip a Meal – With the busyness of the Season, it is easy to forget to eat and then overeat at the next meal. Or maybe your logic is to save calories by not eating lunch so you can eat more at dinner. This way of thinking does not work. You are much more likely to overindulge at dinner. Try to remember to eat little meals, often so that you avoid overindulging. Noreen Gallo, Author of the Blog “Your Forever Diet” has some great advice on why skipping a meal is a bad idea.
  4. Don’t Let Your Senses Take Over – Oftentimes the Christmas music or the smell of Christmastime makes you nostalgic. Maybe you remember your Grandma’s wonderful peppermint cookies or the time spent baking as a family, whatever it is, know that emotions are a big part of enjoying food. Indulge in yummy Holiday treats but do not overindulge because you’re letting your senses take you away.
  5. Stay Realistic – Don’t be hard on yourself this time of year. This might not be the best time to try to lose weight. Instead try to focus on maintaining your weight. Be realistic about your health goals and let yourself enjoy the season without getting down on yourself, which usually drives you to overindulgence.
  6. Calories in, calories out – When you are eating more, make a choice to burn more. Whether that is by dancing at your Christmas party or adding another run into your workout, make the decision to burn off what you take in. This way of thinking can help you take in less at your function.

Remember, it is the Holidays, indulging is part of the whole season, it is OVER-indulging that should be avoided. The thing to remember about indulging is to be aware of when you are. Focus on the flavor and smell of your favorite treats and what you love about them. When you’re aware of the whole experience, the whole experience becomes a good one, not one to regret. At FlashyFit, we are always here to help and encourage!