How Do I Get in the Best Shape of My Life?

How do I get into the best shape of my life? It’s an excellent question really. Pity there are so many conflicting answers. If you’ve spent time researching, you’ll have run across advice such as:

  •  Cut out sugar, processed foods, and practice hot yoga
  •  Run in the mornings, don’t eat after 6 pm, and forgo all fats, sugars, gluten, and alcohol (Then cry alone and in misery as you watch the pounds melt off!)
  •  Weight train two hours a day, up your protein intake, and purge your diet of anything remotely resembling real food

While we’re still scratching our heads over the fat-free or the all- bacon- and -egg diet, our worlds are rocked by the news we’ve had it wrong all along! The answer is… chewing and probiotics! Stabilizing your blood sugar. Making friends with your body! No, wait. Actually, it’s all about high intensity training, core strength, and unicycle riding.

Here’s the great news: there is an answer to your question, and it’s simple. To get yourself in the best shape of your life, stop looking for a magic bullet. Don’t expect your body to go too far too fast or it will revolt with injuries, lack of motivation, and a slowed metabolism.

Begin by being kind to yourself. You can’t get in the best shape of your life until you make peace with the body you have right now, this very second. Then, admit you have room in your schedule to move at least twenty minutes every day. Because you know you do.

Next, stop eating foods with a zillion ingredients you can’t pronounce. Titanium Dioxide, Glyphosphate, and Butylated HydroxyAnisole? If you can’t make a cake with them or wouldn’t have found them in your grandmother’s pantry, don’t put them down your gullet.

Finally, find some like-minded friends; ones who will encourage you when you want to quit (because of course, you will). They’ll remind you that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step, and urge you to put the cupcake down. They’ll wisely counsel you you to buy some cute workout clothes now, dammit, not when you’ve reached your weight loss goals! Because you deserve it!. And with your tribe of sensible friends, you WILL get in the best shape of your life. Because it’s never too late.

Getting into the best shape of your life isn’t easy, but it isn’t impossible. It takes common sense, long-term commitment, and avoidance of  anything that sounds too good to be true (You hear me, Cayenne Pepper Cleanse ?). If you’d like help achieving your fitness or weight loss goals, and getting into the very best shape of your life, get in touch with us at FlashyFit. Because we get it. For real.


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Kim Turner is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and a Group Fitness Instructor with AFAA (Aerobics and fitness Association of America) with a passion for fitness and healthy living. Kim created FlashyFit for women 40+ who want an affordable, fun, flexible fitness program they can do anywhere, anytime.

Kim founded In Due Course Training Inc., a corporate training and development firm over two decades ago. In Due Course has been hired by industry leaders in banking, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications and hospitality to deliver and implement training strategies for sales, customer service, systems and management. Kim’s success is a result of her ability to effectively collaborate with her clients to design hands-on learning experiences. This talent has served her well while creating FlashyFit!

Kim, originally from Toronto, Canada, lives in Fenton, MI with her husband Ron. When not at the gym, you’ll find her paddle boarding, kayaking, running a half marathon or exploring a new country on her bicycle.

By Jennifer Cooreman

Jennifer Cooreman, Director of Content at Inbound Lead Solutions, is an award winning writer who is passionate about creating accessible, inspiring, engaging content. She helps companies design targeted, optimized campaigns, generating natural brand awareness along with a dedicated following. You can learn more about her writing by visiting The Attentive Soul or find her on LinkedIn.

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